However grateful we are to people who want to contribute realize that there are a few consideration you need to agree with:

  • By uploading or any other way of delivering the creative material to you confirm that you are the originator of the creative material and have full originator and utilization rights. Meaning: do not upload photos that aren't yours to give away.
  • Photos taken on private properties need to have permission of the property owner and artist before you are allowed to upload them. For example: if you take a picture of an sculpture at an exhibition that is held in a non public space you need to ask permission of the artist and exhibition owner before you may contribute that image.
  • We cannot recall the images once they are on the Internet - even if we remove them from the site - so be sure you are willing to part with them for good. We will credit you for the contribution (more so in the future than now is the case).
  • All emerging costs due to offenses are at your expense. Meaning you remain responsible for what you upload or deliver.
  • The images are 1600 x 1200 pixels, minimum. A bit lower is possible if the images are very clear with no jpg compression noise in them and the content is very special.
  • Some images may not make it to the site for various reasons. Personally we shoot more than 3 times the amount than that will appear on the site. A typical case of "kill your darlings".
  • We will not sell the images directly but we do make some money indirectly (sponsoring) with all images on the site. Be assured however that all money flows straight back into Image*After. We really want the site to get better, stay up and running and free for the user.
  • Since we have literally thousands of images waiting for us to upload, it can take up to a year before your images will show up. Currently we are working hard to build a system that will speed up this process and will credit you more.
  • If you wish, you can be mentioned in our "Links" section with name, URL etc.. When doing so, just mail us that you want to and provide us with the required info.

Please contact us for information on logging in on our FTP server. If you don't know how to use an FTP program just let us know we'll figure out an alternative way to get your images on the site.

After you have logged in, please make a sub folder in the upload folder so we know who uploaded what. Add a plain text file with your name, email and URL of your site to which we can link if you uploaded enough images.

If your images make it to the site they will be noted with part of your name in it. If your name is Sabrina, the images you donate will be called: "b3sabrina_leather001.jpg" so if Sabrina wants to see her pictures just type "sabrina" in the search box.

Thanks again!
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