Free textures for personal and commercial use
In the 'texture' directory you can expect free high resolution textures of metals, floors, skin, wood, rock, walls etc. Mostly photographic textures.( texturas, texturen, texture) All textures can be freely downloaded and used in you commercial or personal works. The size of the textures range from 1600x1200 to 2560x1920. Although some textures are fit for wallpaper on your desktop, most images are raw unprocessed and sometimes even out of focus. This is done deliberately. We could never determine what images are usefull or not for your projects. All textures are in jpg or jpeg format. We do not recompress the images anymore. The way you see them thats the way they came out of our nikon digital cameras. However we did not made all the textures on the site. Currently only a small part of our collection is madeup by donations from visitors. This amount wil certainly grow in the future. People who donate textures agreed to give up their rights to the textures and that the textures are theirs to give away. These textures can be used in games but first need to be made seamless in photoshop or paintshop pro before importing them in 3D programs like 3ds max ( 3d studio max ), Maya, Softimage or lightwave.
ceiling In this category you'll find textures of ceilings or insides of roofs.
elements Textures of earth, Fire, Air, Water. We have taken the liberty to add a few thinks to them like skies, ice, clouds and snow.
fabrics Photographic textures of fabric, cloth, textile, synthetic or natural. Parts of clothes and other woven materials. Satin, cotton, wool, velour and nylon.
food Textures of food. Chow time! Food be it raw or prepared. Raw, rare or extremely well done. Fish, fries, eggs, carrots or apples.
fur Textures of fur. Furry textures. Animal fur, wool, soft. Possible some food gone bad.
glass Textures glassy, shiny, transparent surfaces with defragtion and reflection.
goo Textures of the murky bubbly kind. Swamps slimy substances more often than not green. Some food that went beyond the furry stage.
grounds Ground textures. Floors, streets, mud, clay and sand.
leather skin
leather_skin Textures of skin or other leathery materials.
light fx
light_fx Light_fx textures are funky experiments with the camera and long exposures or other colorful imagery.
marbles Textures of marble surface, shiny, veiny, smooth.
metals Textures of metal usually rusty. Iron steel aluminium.
nature Textures of plants leaves, fish. Closeups of everything organic.
paintings Textures of paintings are useful by it's self for use in game levels or maps as decoration of your virtual buildings etc. But paint on canvas can be a very nice addition to your own work. Photoshop transparency effects will do wonders in combination with
plastics Textures of plastics or other artificial fabrics.
rock Rock textures. Natural or roughly cut stone.
roof Roof textures. Roofs are the outsides of ceilings :)
techno Techno textures. Are images of insides of electronic devices etc.
walls Wall textures can often be used as floors as well. Tiles, bricks, panels.
woods Wood textures. Planks, trees, bark.
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