Tristan (Administrator)
[3D] A brick texture from start to finish
I am currently working on a brick texture, just an ordinary brick texture. But while working on it i realised that i use quite a few small tricks that beginners are not aware of so i deceided to keep track of my steps with screenshot and some explanation.
This tutorial will have the following steps:

-Straitening the texture and getting rid of the lens distortion.
-Making the texture tilable
-Creating a bumpmap
That max trick is nice Very Happy Got to try it next time I got distortion problems.
Thanks for this tutorial ! Smile
Tristan (Administrator)
RE: [3D] A brick texture from start to finish
Actually, yes that would be easier! I used for this nowadays I did not yet know bricks 'n tiles Looks awesome. As soon as architectural visualization jobs start coming in again I will certainly try it!
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