Tristan (Administrator)
[3d] Modo 201 has been released
modo 201 delivers the next evolution of 3D modeling, painting and rendering in a single integrated and accelerated platform.

Looks like a very promising application. Rendering is supposed to be very fast. But from what i've heard the workflow will be some getting used to.

The 30 day demo, which you can extend for 30 days "because we know people get busy sometimes", is coming soon and is accompanied by 3 GB of training materials, which is a good thing sinds the major hurdle for using a new 3d app, however great, is learning it.

RE: [3d] Modo 201 has been released
RE: [3d] Modo 201 has been released
Looks good, I have to try it. Thanks for the info!
Stefan (Administrator)
RE: [3d] Modo 201 has been released
Tris, have you allready worked with it? A small review would probably be nice Wink
RE: [3d] Modo 201 has been released
have you guys tried out Blender (an open source 3d modeling/animation program), you can find it at the makers of blender put together a fully opensource short film called "Elephant's Dream" and I'm pretty sure you can download that from the site too.

I tried it out and liked very much, Probably a very good program to start off on for those who are new to 3D.
The tutorials and manuls available are very helpful.

you can also find a pletheora of tutorials for blender and SEVERAL other programs at
Lex (Administrator)
RE: [3d] Modo 201 has been released
I was really impressed by Elephant's Dream. Everything about the film is licenced under creative commons, so you can download all the music, textures etc ( and use them yourself.

We also get quite a few links from the Blender resources page ( ourselves Smile
RE: [3d] Modo 201 has been released
I use Blender and I must say it's really a decent program!

The interface may seem weird at first, but once you learn the basics you will be able to work very fast and efficient.

I recommend this program to anyone, no matter are you if you're starting learning 3d or if you're an advanced user. : ) It's worth checking out.

I attached a few of my works in blender.
444_theonering.jpg 444_theonering.jpg
RE: [3d] Modo 201 has been released
Nice work... I especially like the warrior.
RE: [3d] Modo 201 has been released
It looks pretty cool (modo), but If you´r e looking for a similary powerfull, yet simple to use modelling application have a look at

the price is just great, and their customer support and community support is just outstanding.

Blender is cool of course, but imho it´s not free.. you pay with quite some time to get into it Tongue
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