Donation prference ?
I once donated some pics, but they were more of a series.. I know you said it could last a year till they are up Smile
Anyways I wondered, since I seen your "new photo" updates for some months now, inoticed you seem to prefer variety in the new additions.

So I wondered what was better.. donating a series of lots of images of the same objects, or do you prefer to get donations on like 5 photos each month of diverse content? I have access here to lots of antique 18th century stuff for example.. should I donate a few pics now and then or rather a big collection at once?
Stefan (Administrator)
RE: Donation prference ?
Personally I like series more interesting - but thats just me, i don't speak on behalf of the whole community - because of two reasons.
First is that series of one object show the object in more depth, so when anyone is interested in the pic, he or she will have more options to choose from. Your Mercedes series is a perfect example of this.
Second it gives us less hassle in downloading, sorting and renaming; the bigger batches, the better Very Happy

On the other hand we do like good solo pictures as well; there are many beautifull one-offs made on which we certainly don't want to miss out Smile

So at the end I really do think it is up to the donator.
We are very gratefull to anything people send us.

The choise of varieing new additions comes out of serving something for everyone; not everyone is interested in beautifull metal-textures, and the same goes for for instance nature-shots.
However, what we try to do in reference to donations, is when we've received enough to compile a CD, we put it up and try to keyword as much as fast as possible, yet still keeping the variety in mind. But, alas, our time is limited... Frown
Last batch should be online soon though (not your merc (will be up in the next batch later on this year), but earlier donations), i'm not exactly clear of the status right now, but i'll see to it after my vacation; i'm off on holiday for two weeks by the end of today.

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