Stefan (Administrator)
Photoshop, online and for free!?
Photoshop is Going Online - and will be free.
This according to a newsletter I got from CreativePro.


A few weeks ago, Adobe sent out a modest little press release
stating that it was partnering with photo-sharing site
Photobucket to include Web-based video remixing and editing tools
as part of the "Photobucket user experience." Ho hum, I thought.
Until last week, when Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen sidestepped the PR
machine and told CNET that another Adobe app will be available
soon as a Web-based service. The app? Photoshop.

Yes, Photoshop. Software so ubiquitous that it's become a verb.
Online. And -- now your jaw will join mine on the floor -- free.
For more on what that may mean to you, read my article.

Pros and cons in this article:
Stefan (Administrator)
RE: Photoshop, online and for free!?
Yes, it's true, it's their aim to cloudcomputing.
It isn't the fullblown Pro version, but for small corrections it is usefull.
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